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Laser Hair Removal Benefits

There are many hair removal treatments today. But, no treatment is as efficient and precise as laser hair removal.


Imagine the time and money you could save by not shaving or waxing regularly. The freedom you would get from not worrying about shaving or waxing during spontaneous trips or parties. And the look and feel of your skin without pesky hairs or painful ingrown hairs.


Laser hair removal makes it all possible thanks to how it works; laser hair removal destroys hairs from the hair follicle. Hair follicles are the little guys in charge of the hair growth, and by destroying them, it prevents or delays future hairs from growing for a very long time. This is way laser hair removal has become the gold standard in hair removal treatments. 


With laser technology improvements, hair removal works on every skin type and almost every hair color. It’s also an entirely safe method that can be performed in any area of the body. So you can look and feel your best at any age.


Experienced technicians at Light Touch Laser Spa use precision tools and attention to detail that gives you the ultimate experience and a beautiful hairless skin. With laser hair removal, you can see results within a few weeks with less pain than your regular waxing appointment. Be the most confident version of yourself with laser hair removal.


• No More Shaving or Waxing

• Save Time and Money
• Get Perfectly Smooth Skin
• Precise and Effective Solution


Get Rid Of Unwanted Hair

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All of our Laser Hair Removal Treatments

Arms Laser Hair Removal

Brazilian Laser Hair Removal

Bikini Laser Hair Removal

Buttocks Laser Hair Removal

Back Laser Hair Removal

Chest Laser Hair Removal

Chin Laser Hair Removal

Ear Laser Hair Removal

Face Laser Hair Removal

Legs Laser Hair Removal

Neck Laser Hair Removal

Underarms Laser Hair Removal

How Does Laser Hair Removal Work?

During laser hair removal treatment, the laser used to remove the hair puts off tiny amounts of radiation that cling to the hairs in the area treated by your technician. The laser has a single wavelength of light that travels to focus on the area being treated, giving a concentrated burst of radiation that is otherwise unharmful, unless you are a hair follicle.

When the melanin in our hair absorbs the radiation given off from the laser, it heats it up and burns the follicle underneath the skin, causing it to become damaged and resulting in a long term or permanent hair loss.


The best thing about laser hair removal is that it doesn’t have to target one single hair at a time, unlike electrolysis. It targets a small area but still will attack several strands at a time.


Laser Hair Removal Machine NYC

Before and After Pictures

a guy with hairy chest before laser hair removal
a guy with hairy chest after laser hair removal

What Our Clients Say About Us

Liya McNulty
Liya McNulty
So happy I discovered Light Touch! I truly cant imagine going anywhere else for my laser needs. From the moment you walk in, you're greeted with a smile and instantly feel comfortable- Lital is kind, warm, genuine and passionate about what she does. She reviewed the process with me thoroughly and answered every question I had honestly and transparently- (I even scored a great deal because she was running a holiday promo!) I saw drastic improvement after only ONE session- I'm 3 sessions in and cant wait to see final results soon. She is seriously the BEST!! 10/10
Leslie Plummer
Leslie Plummer
Light Touch Laser has helped me with my goal of hair removal in specific areas where I did not want hair. Lital distracts me with great conversation and always makes me laugh in very painful moments especially on the lower legs. Zakia has a quiet, calm focus that provides a wonderful support. Both are extremely professional and provide results. I have been with Lital since 2019 and I will continue with her until all my goals are met. Thank you so much Lital and Zakia!
Claire R (Debaser98)
Claire R (Debaser98)
Light Touch is amazing! The atmosphere is great, the service is great, and Lital is an absolutely heartwarming nice person who will care for your needs. As a trans person especially I felt very welcome in this space, there is no other place as welcoming in the NYC area. You will be treated with kindness and care by a top notch expert. Couldn't recommend more!
youtube noob
youtube noob
I definitely recommend this service because the costumer service is amazing! The lady who attends me is such a nice person who makes me feel comfortable and safe. Since the first session I’ve seen great results and it’s worth the price!
Isaac Garcia
Isaac Garcia
I had the pleasure to be treated by both Lital & Zakia. Both fast and professional women with great result with even a great and professional assistant, Emilly. I felt welcome and accepted from the start and if I ever have a friend or family member that needs some laser treatment. Light Touch Laser with Lital & Zakia will be the first and only once I’ll be recommending.
Ellie Diamond
Ellie Diamond
My experience with Lital and light touch laser has been wonderful. She is kind and professional and informative. I have had my armpits and legs done and the results are great!
Kristina Hanford
Kristina Hanford
I can’t recommend this place enough! They make the whole experience so easy!! I noticed results on my side burns immediately! I will post before and after pictures soon! Do not hesitate to go here! INCREDIBLE!
Tania Deigni
Tania Deigni
Lital is such a welcoming, friendly, and honest professional. You can tell she has enthusiasm and passion for what she does, for clients' results, and for life. She is extremely efficient and clearly has experience in this field. Her prices are reasonable, and it is an easily accessible location (and always an excuse to grab extra treats like gelato). I recommend Light Touch to any and all. Thanks for your services!
Jennifer Rudin
Jennifer Rudin
It has only been 2 weeks after my first Brazilian treatment and I’m flabbergasted at how quickly I’m seeing results! My hair follicles have thinned and are already falling out. I’m so excited to continue my treatments and share the final results. Lital is so accommodating and gentle during the process, I highly recommend 10/10!
Lourdes Carvajal-Romeu
Lourdes Carvajal-Romeu
I loved my experience with Light Touch Laser Spa! Lital has done such an amazing and effective job with the hair removal. She always made me feel so comfortable and educated throughout the whole process. I can't recommend Light Touch more highly!

Frequently Asked Questions

Our body always produces hair. Laser treatment can reduce the amount of hair that body produces by 85% to 95%. It is very important to find the right technician, test the skin, and apply the right level of laser to get the best result

Although everyone has a different level of pain tolerance, it mostly is described as a rubber band snapping on skin. However, compared to waxing, laser hair removal has very little discomfort.

The duration of each procedure depends on the size of the treated area. For instance, treatment on areas like upper lip takes less than a minute,while a medium area can take up to 15 minutes, whereas a large area can take upto an hour.

The number treatments varies from client to client. However, we recommend six to eight treatments to see good results

With the advancement in technology, Laser can used on all skin colors. The results depend on thickness and color of the hair

It is a misconception that laser hair removals are only for women. More and more men laser hair removal these days. Be it complete hair removal, hair reduction or treatment of ingrown hair, we have the perfect laser hair removal for men

Light Touch Laser Spa is a strong supporter of human rights campaign and has contributed to Callen-Lorde Community Health Center. Having treated several clients from LGBT community, we understand the transition process and will customize the treatment for you

The treatment for everyone is same. However, the process of hair reduction can be slightly longer

We are conveniently located in the heart of New York City, in the downtown Flatiron District, welcoming clients from Brookly, New Jersey, Bronx, and Westchester County. 

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