Laser Skin Tightening

Laser Skin Tightening

Laser skin tightening is a safe and non-invasive procedure with effective results.


Skilled technicians at Light Touch Laser Spa use laser light to heat the collagen beneath your skin. The light causes your skin to contract and tighten, resulting in a firmer, more youthful appearance. It also stimulates the production of new collagen and the continued regeneration of skin cells that have been damaged over time. The combination of lasting effects and convenience makes laser skin tightening a versatile, popular choice for treating fine lines and wrinkles, as well as loose or aging skin.


An FDA-approved treatment, the procedure is completely safe and, unlike surgical procedures, it requires no post-treatment recovery or follow-up meetings. (You won’t have to take time off from your work or family responsibilities.)


A laser skin tightening session is done in 25 to 30 minutes, resulting in a quick, hassle-free experience that takes less time and is less invasive than your typical surgical facelift. It can be applied successfully to the face, neck, chest, or any other part of the body. And its effects are fully noticeable just weeks after the procedure.


Laser skin tightening is ideal for men and women with fairly wrinkled skin and a generally healthy lifestyle. Aesthetic technicians at our spa will work with you to determine your exact needs and treatment plan. We’ll match your procedure to your goals and help you decide that our laser skin tightening service is right for you.

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Our Facilities

Light Touch Laser Spa offers non-invasive laser skin tightening treatments that will leave your skin feeling plumped and young!


Experienced practitioners will use a hand piece apparatus to apply infrared light to the skin in short pulses and at the same time applying cool air streams from the apparatus to balance the heat, ensuring your comfort throughout the procedure without sacrificing the lasting change to your skin. The practitioner will methodically apply the laser to the treatment area to ensure a full, even effect. 


Light Touch is conveniently located in the downtown Flatiron area of New York City. We welcome clients from all boroughs and the tri-state area.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Laser skin tightening is a non-invasive, 30-minute laser treatment that will leave your skin plump and rejuvenated. This treatment will stimulate the production of collagen by your skin cells and smooth your wrinkles or loose skin. 

Full results of laser skin tightening will appear weeks after your first session. Although it can’t stop the natural aging process, results are both noticeable and long-lasting. For even better results, you can repeat the treatment every year in areas susceptible to wrinkles.

Laser skin tightening is a quick and non-invasive procedure that should not be painful. The practitioner will apply cool air to help minimize the heat of the laser. Some visitors report a mild heat or stinging sensation that resolves immediately after the treatment is over. 

Laser skin tightening is a popular choice for visitors seeking to clear up wrinkles and loose skin on the face and neck area. However, it can also be successfully applied to other parts of the body, including the chest, abdomen, arms, and legs. 

Laser Skin Tightening treatment can last for several months, and even longer depending on how you treat your skin. Our technicians can help you establish ways to keep your skin looking healthy and young long after your treatment.

Small dry spots can appear on the skin after the treatment and remain for one week on the face and two weeks on the body before falling off. There are no permanent scars.

The number of follow-up visits you’d like is up to you! After your series of treatments, you might want to visit your technician once a year to inspect the skin and determine if more treatments will be needed in the future.

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