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Men Laser Hair Removal Benefits

Do you identify as male? Are you feeling uncomfortable having a hairy back, chest, or even manzilian? Do you wish you had less hair or no hair at all? We have the perfect solution for you. Next summer vacation body, here we come!


LTL Spa is an expert in men laser hair removal and has the perfect solution for your needs – either complete or partial removal of unwanted hair. 


Based on the thickness, color of hair, and the areas of the treatment, LTL treatments are custom made for YOU.

Come visit us for a free consultation and we will customize the perfect treatments for your body.


Commonly treated areas for Laser Hair Removal for Men are:

Face: Beard, Neck, and Ears
Upper Body: Back, Chest, Underarms and Shoulders
Lower Body: Buttocks, Full Legs, Bikini 


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Men Laser Hair Removal
Frequently Asked Questions

Light Touch Laser Spa uses laser hair removal (Alexandrite and YAG) as opposed to the less effective IPL. Alexandrite is the gold standard when it comes to mens laser hair removal and YAG is considered to be the best machine for dark skin. 

Once you have received a personal consultation and are ready to begin scheduled sessions there are a few things to keep in mind before stripping down.

Avoid exposure from the sun. The areas to be treated should not be exposed to direct sunlight which means no tanning.

Before each session please ensure that the area to be treated is freshly shaven. After shaving refrain from applying any creams. waxes, or moisturizers to the area this can negatively affect the treatment process. This includes facial moisturizers or beard waxes for men.

There are several reasons men decide to have laser hair removal. Men typically deal with an excess of hair, and managing the fur can get unruly. Men laser hair removal takes the manscaping out of your daily routine. Leave behind the days of razor burn or irritated skin by choosing the best laser hair removal NYC.

Laser hair removal isn’t just for ladies. Men deal with problematic hair just like women and the solution can sometimes be laser hair removal. Achieve the look you have always imagined without feeling uncomfortable or shame. 

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