Women Laser Hair Removal

The Benefits of Women's Laser Hair Removal

Are you spending your time and money on painful waxing month after month? Come to us for a personal, boutique experience for your hair removal needs.


Light Touch Laser Spa is an expert in treating with laser for hair removal and ingrown hair. Our treatments are custom-made for each client, and it is based on the thickness of hair, color of hair and skin.


If you are unsure of the areas of treatment, come visit us for a free consultation, and we will customize the perfect treatment for you.


Commonly treated areas for women are:

Face: Lip, Chin, Cheeks, Forehead

Upper Body: Back, Chest, Underarms and Shoulders

Lower Body: Buttocks, Full LegsBikiniBrazilian


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Women's Most Frequently Asked Questions

Women laser hair removal is a safe procedure although some clients may experience some side effects such as light pain or discomfort in the treated area like reddish skin irritation. These side effects should be discussed with your physician.

The good news is there is no place you can’t get laser hair removal. Any place there is unwanted problematic hair that’s causing panic, stress, or anxiety, can be removed painlessly through the process of laser hair removal.

Although it’s very difficult to maintain problematic hair during pregnancy, laser hair removal is not safe for women who are or become pregnant. We suggest waiting to start sessions until the pregnancy has ended. If you think you are pregnant, please wait to begin or proceed with sessions until the pregnancy can be confirmed by your physician.

The answer to this question is no. Not everyone can perform the laser hair removal. This goes to say that you should be careful of spas and clinics that assign just anybody to help handle your sessions. You should be assigned a trained and certified personnel to handle the session for you. It is true that the procedure is nonsurgical, but you still need a trained professional to handle it so that you don’t incur damage from a failed process. To this end, do not listen to extremely cheap prices as most of them are unprofessional.