Body Sculpting Before & After Results

Welcome to our Before & After Body Sculpting treatment page! Here, you can see real results from our clients who have undergone our body sculpting treatments. our treatments can help you achieve the body you’ve always wanted. Browse through our impressive results and see how our treatments can transform your body. Learn more about Body Sculpting here.

Before a Visit

Here are the things you should be aware if before your visit:

  • Make sure your skin is free of any lotions, perfumes, or dirt.
  • Eat a meal before treatment and make sure you are well hydrated. 
  • We can’t treat pregnant and lactating mothers. 
  • Do not take any medications before treatment. The clients feedback is important for the comfort of the client and effectiveness of the treatment. 

After a Visit

After your treatment, things to be aware of:

  • Some clients report tissue tenderness in the treated area; however the treatment won’t stop you from doing your daily activities.
  • Gently massaging the treatment area after laser fat removal may help stimulate lymphatic drainage, and may enhance your results.
  • Maintaining a healthy lifestyle will help you obtain optimal results.

Neck and Under Chin – Before and After

Belly - Before and After

Abdomen – Before and After

Abdomen – Before and After

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