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What Is SculpSure Body Sculpting?

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What Is SculpSure?

Warmer weather is approaching. If those New Year’s resolutions are looking more like empty promises than good intentions, it’s time to kick things into high gear. There’s an easy way to achieve a smoother-looking silhouette, and it doesn’t involve going under the knife.


So, what is SculpSure? This is a remedy that is painless, noninvasive, and won’t steal time away from a busy schedule. SculpSure is laser contouring that goes straight to the body’s fat cells. It has been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and has a proven track record of results.


Best of all, clients can walk right out of the office immediately afterward, no rest or recovery needed. The technology works by heating up the areas of the body that are storing multiple fat cells. The heat from the laser destroys these cells, producing skin that looks younger, fresher, and more attractive. The treatment lasts for less than 30 minutes, making it convenient for the modern, busy person.


Unlike more extreme procedures and cosmetic surgeries, most people are a perfect fit for this solution. They aren’t exposed to harmful risks, nor are there any adverse side effects to take into account. This is purely an aesthetic treatment that eliminates fat cells and can help clients feel more confident in their own skin.


Is SculpSure Right for Me?

After hearing about SculpSure, some people might wonder if this type of treatment is a good fit for them. The answer is yes because it’s everything they want without the nasty side effects of fat-burning pills, cosmetic surgery, or extreme diets. SculpSure doesn’t ask clients to do anything, but sit back and let the laser do its thing.


Some clients ask, is SculpSure right for me? Whereas other procedures may require a pre-consultation to evaluate if a patient is a candidate for the treatment, this noninvasive solution is for anyone. Individuals of different ages, genders, backgrounds, and sizes are welcome to experience this advanced technology.


Some people may worry about pain, discomfort, or post-treatment recovery. These worries don’t even apply to this laser process since it’s a noninvasive approach that takes less than 30 minutes. Clients are free to go about their day immediately after the treatment. There are no lingering side effects or achiness, so it’s ideal for those who have hectic schedules.


In fact, this is a superb solution for those who want to get a head start on getting in shape for the warmer months. They can let SculpSure do the work of eliminating fat cells, and their improved appearance will be an instant positive motivator. After all, everyone deserves to feel great in their own skin.


How Many SculpSure Treatments Will I Need?

Everybody is different, and so their SculpSure experiences will vary. That being said, most clients find that a few separate appointments do the trick. The great thing is that each treatment is under a half hour, so it’s easy to incorporate a session into a busy week.


Some clients like to begin their SculpSure journey in the spring so that after a series of treatments they feel ready to hit the beach or pool with confidence. The 6 to 12 week window is the prime time when most people notice their slimmer physique, thanks to their laser procedures. This time frame varies depending on the number of sessions, but it’s a solid average for clients.


The question, “how many SculpSure treatments will I need?” depends on the individual. As good intentions for health and wellbeing start to slip away, the results of this laser process will reinvigorate a person’s resolve to treat their body with love and respect. This solution destroys fat cells permanently, so folks can focus on adopting healthy habits instead of worrying about their appearance.


The SculpSure experts have already helped so many people, and they’re excited to bring in new clients now that the weather is getting warmer. Everyone should be able to step into the sunshine feeling great about themselves. Let this treatment kickstart that goal.


What Should I Expect During a SculpSure Treatment?

This is an excellent question, and most people will be surprised by the answer. The truth is, the laser does all the work, so clients can just relax and spend the next 25 minutes reading, chatting, or listening to music. Since the process is totally noninvasive and requires no anesthesia, clients are free to go about their day afterward.


You might be wondering, what should I expect during a SculpSure treatment? The session begins with the client explaining which trouble areas they want to target. The clinician adjusts a rectangular frame to fit the size of that desired area. Then, they attach the frame to the body with a simple belt. The client can then lay back as the clinician attaches the SculpSure laser heads to the frame. These 1060 mm diode lasers look similar to vacuum cleaner nozzles.


The next step is as simple as sitting back and relaxing for the next 25 minutes as the lasers target the treated area’s fat cells. During this time, a series of cool and heated sensations will spread along the body under the lasers. This is painless and won’t leave any marks or rashes on the body. It’s ideal for the lower or upper abdomen, as well as love handles. Clients are often eager to return for their next session!

The Verdict?

If you are interested in learning more about SculpSure and if it’s right for you. Contact us today to book a free consultation and have all your questions answered by one of our Light Touch Laser Spa professionals.

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