WarmSculpting VS Fat Freezing
Lital Lev-Ary

Lital Lev-Ary

Lital Lev-Ary is a Certified Laser Hair Removal Professional (CLHRP) in practice since 2010. With over 10 years of experience in laser technology, Lital has developed her unique laser hair removal technique and is known for being proficient, professional, and personal.

WarmSculpting VS Fat Freezing

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When it comes to dealing with fat in your body, many methods can be used. However, it is up to you to decide what is the best way you want to use to get rid of fat from your body. If you’re going to try natural methods, then you will be looking at dieting, exercising, stressing less, and other things. But if you want a more targeted approach, then your option might be non-invasive surgery. 


Many people are not into the idea of surgery, and as such other methods had to be made. For this article, we will be dwelling on two of these non-invasive fat removal methods that do not require surgery, and they are fat freezing and warm sculpting. Without wasting your time, we would like to explain both terms to you. 



WarmSculpting with SculpSure is a non-invasive fat removal method that targets fat in specific parts of the body. In this process, a hyperthermic laser will be used to remove fat from these parts and also cause the skin to tighten and be held firmly. When the process is kickstarted, an applicator or applicators are firmly placed on the targeted area. Once you have it fixed in position, the fat removal process starts and the fat cells are destroyed.


WarmScuplting doesn’t cause discomfort; rather, it has a mild mixture of warm and cold at the same time to ensure safety and comfort during the process. After the fat is destroyed from the body, the fat is taken out of the body through the lymphatic system. In about a month to six weeks, you will be able to notice significant changes on the part treated.


The beauty of this method lies in the fact that you really don’t have to go through any rigorous exercise or diet plan, all you need is a mere 25 minutes of your time and two sessions, sometimes more depending on the person, and you are all set. After the operation, you can return to your healthy life immediately.


Fat Freezing 

Fat freezing, just like the WarmSculpting method, is also a non-invasive way of removing fat from the body. The process is also straightforward, and from the name, you can know what to expect. 


When the process is in session, an applicator is also used, and instead of having paddles, they have plates that help suck up the portion of the fat you want to clear. Afterward, you should feel a pulling sensation and you can also feel the effect of the cooling reaching four-degree celsius.


As time proceeds, the fat, subcutaneous fat in the body can leave the body through natural excretion channels. Unlike the warm sculpting, you will spend about 35 minutes to 1 hour.


Differences Between Both Methods 

Before we begin with the differences, we would love to make it very clear that this decision was not made spontaneously but various reasons account for this selection, and if you read carefully below you will also be able to make your choice in which method is best.

  • WarmSculpting’s entire process takes only 25 minutes, while fat freezing takes about 35 minutes to one hour.
  • WarmSculpting has very mild effects on the body, and they have been tested and trusted, so that you can go home feeling healthy immediately. Fat freezing on the hand has quite some side effects such as itching, bruising, among other things.
  • WarmSculpting is a treatment method that can be adapted to any kind of body and used for any shape and size. Remember the plates that cause the pulling effect in the fat freezing process? Yeah, they limit the process to only what can be suctioned into them. This way there is no evenness in the fat removal process.

With all this, we would like for you to see for yourself that the WarmSculpting is a more convenient option among these two non-invasive fat removal methods. If you want to find out if SculpSure is right for you, you can schedule a free consultation today to learn more about WarmSculpting with SculpSure. 

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