What Is Laser Treatment For Nail Fungus
Lital Lev-Ary

Lital Lev-Ary

Lital Lev-Ary is a Certified Laser Hair Removal Professional (CLHRP) in practice since 2010. With over 10 years of experience in laser technology, Lital has developed her unique laser hair removal technique and is known for being proficient, professional, and personal.

What Is Laser Treatment For Nail Fungus

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Our Nails and Their Importance

Our nails are a visible part of our body, and they contribute to our appearance. We often notice the nails of others, so it’s important to keep them clean and well-maintained.


Laser Treatment for Nails and Toenails

In this article, we will discuss how laser treatment can improve the appearance of both nails and toenails. Laser treatment for nails has been approved by the FDA and is a safe and effective way to improve the appearance of damaged nails. Laser machines are able to treat the appearance of nails damaged by fungus, making them clearer and brighter. This is known as a cosmetic treatment.


How Laser Treatment for Nails Works

We use laser technology to make the nails more beautiful. The laser emits heat that targets the affected area and penetrates through the nail to provide a thorough cleaning effect. The technology also has built-in protection to reduce the risk of injury or bleeding.


The Treatment Process

Before the treatment, you might want to take pictures of your nails and toenails so you can show us how you want them to look after the treatment. Make sure to remove any nail polish and bring clean socks if you are wearing them. We will also clean the surface of the nails with alcohol to ensure the laser works effectively.

During the treatment, you will feel a gentle sensation on your skin as the laser produces mild heat. The session lasts for a few minutes, and you will be able to resume your normal activities, such as painting your nails, after 24 hours. To ensure the treatment is effective, it’s important to sanitize your shoes with a UV light.


At our laser spa, we have experts who are trained to the highest standards and can provide a safe and painless laser treatment for nails. If you want to restore the natural shine to your nails, contact us to schedule an appointment. We will have you fixed up in no time.

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Laser Treatment For Nail Fungus

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