Full Legs Laser Hair Removal for Women
Lital Lev-Ary

Lital Lev-Ary

Lital Lev-Ary is a Certified Laser Hair Removal Professional (CLHRP) in practice since 2010. With over 10 years of experience in laser technology, Lital has developed her unique laser hair removal technique and is known for being proficient, professional, and personal.

Full Legs Laser Hair Removal for Women

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Are you considering having full legs laser hair removal for women? If so, then you will probably want to know a little more about it. After all, it is a slightly invasive procedure, so you don’t want to do it without first taking all factors into consideration. The good news is that it is a pretty effective procedure, and so many people are opting for full legs laser hair removal for women since it is such a semi-permanent solution.  

Full Legs Laser Hair Removal For Women – It Will Take Some Time

The procedure is not going to be over and done with in just a few minutes. The leg area is a pretty large area, and that is why it can take some time. It is not something that you should plan to be in and out of in under a half hour. Each leg can take up to 45 minutes or more, depending on how thick and dense your leg hair is. You can discuss this with us to see how long we think it will take.  

Not All Hair Types Can Be Targeted

We all have two different types of hair that cover our bodies. These include both fine hairs and coarse hairs. Finer hairs are not as easy to target with the laser beam, because they are typically lighter in color. Darker hairs are a lot easier to target, especially if you have a lighter skin tone. If you have light hairs on the tops of your legs, the laser may not be 100% effective at it. You will notice a reduction though.  

Your Legs Won’t Be Silky Smooth After One Treatment

Do not expect to go into your full legs laser hair removal session and leave with your legs feeling silky smooth. This is not the way that it works. Chances are you will need to have five or six full treatments in order to get the results that you are looking for. This can depend a lot on how much leg hair you actually have, and how fast your hair moves through the hair growth cycle.   The key to laser hair removal is to break the cycle of hair growth. It does this by damaging the follicles. This is why you can’t expect to have the ultimate silky smooth legs after just a treatment or two. You should schedule follow up sessions for about six weeks out. This gives your hair long enough to move into another growth cycle, and it also gives your skin the ability to heal after the treatment.  

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