Forevermore Yourself

“Forevermore Yourself” embodies the essence of embracing one’s authentic self, celebrating individuality, and embarking on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment. 


It’s about recognizing the beauty in our uniqueness and finding confidence in being true to who we are, unapologetically and eternally.


At Light Touch Laser Spa, “Forevermore Yourself” is not just a motto; it’s a guiding principle that encourages every individual to shine brightly, to embrace their inner light, and to radiate confidence. It’s a reminder that our true essence is timeless and deserving of love, acceptance, and celebration.

Laser Touch laser spa - NYC -Manhattan - Laser hair removal - Forevermore Yourself - all together 4
Ashley, Alyssa, and Anna, Light Touch laser spa clients | Laser hair removal

For our campaigns, we choose real clients who have become part of the family and have made quite a journey. Some of them are still on that journey. Meet Ashley, Alyssa, and Anna. Their stories echo the essence of “Forevermore Yourself,” reminding us all of the power found in embracing who we truly are. Read more

Laser Touch laser spa - NYC - Laser hair removal - Forevermore Yourself - Lital
Light Touch Laser Spa CEO, Lital, treats client with laser hair removal

I want to finish with a quote that has guided me through the years: “Transitioning is not always easy, but it’s always beautiful”. Remember always to be Forevermore yourself. 

Love, Lital

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