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Lital Lev-Ary

Lital Lev-Ary is a Certified Laser Hair Removal Professional (CLHRP) in practice since 2010. With over 10 years of experience in laser technology, Lital has developed her unique laser hair removal technique and is known for being proficient, professional, and personal.

10 Facts You Need To Know About Brazilian Laser Hair Removal

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We all have busy lives, and many things require our meticulous attention like family, work, and friends, and removing your hair down there shouldn’t be one of them. The process of shaving and waxing is always time-consuming, painful, and costly. Cycles only last a few weeks, and before you know it, it’s that time again for your annoying beauty routine. All too often, we find ourselves in a situation where we have forgotten to groom, or we have painful bumps or ingrown hairs. Worry no more, brazilian laser hair removal is your solution to all these problems. Ahead, you’ll learn a few of the benefits you get from brazilian laser hair removal.   

1. It Helps With Ingrown Hairs, Rashes, and Razor Burns

When you shave or wax, you put your skin through a lot of stress. This stress can cause skin problems like ingrown hairs, rashes, and razor burns in your pelvic area. Ouch! Brazilian laser hair removal, on the other hand, prevents all of these problems from happening. The goal of the laser machine is to target the hairs from the source (the follicle), making it less likely for ingrown hairs to become a problem. And because you won’t be shaving as often, fewer rashes and razor burns will happen.    

2. Improves Skin Appearance and Texture

Brazilian laser hair removal, like all hair removals, will improve the appearance and texture of your skin. This result can be accredited to the fact that laser hair removal will destroy hair down to the follicle. Irritation from shaving or waxing, zits, bumps, and ingrown hairs are non-existent after treatment. If you have sensitive skin, laser hair removal can be a life changing treatment. Your skin will no longer need to go through the wear and tear of grooming since laser leaves your skin smooth and hair free. The heat and energy from the laser will also shrink pore size and even the tone of skin, showing significant improvement to the look of your skin.     

3. You Will Save Money Long-Term

The cost of laser hair removal may seem unreasonable for many, especially compared to more straightforward hair removal services. However, laser hair removal treatment is actually much more cost-effective in the long run. When you look at the big picture, think of how much you spend on either shaving supplies or waxing appointments. Brazilian waxes usually cost between $60-$150 multiple times a year, and shaving requires the consistent purchase of razors, machines, and shaving creams. Treatments like laser hair removal are a high-cost, but also one-time payment sort of deal or you can always “pay as you go” every 6-8 weeks. If the hassle-free choice of brazilian laser doesn’t convince you, then the cost-effective option of laser hair removal should. Remember, while it may seem outrageous at first glance, it will eventually balance out.    

4. It Is Not As Painful As Waxing

Another benefit of the one-time treatment is pain. If you put into perspective, how often you need waxing appointments in a year compared to the six or so treatments you will need with laser hair removal. The procedure speaks for itself. Because laser hair removal lasts for months and sometimes years, the logic behind it is that you will not have to endure pain as much as you will with waxing. While pain is subjective to each person, it’s widely agreed amongst clients that the process of waxing is much more painful. Laser treatments, however, lean towards more just discomfort. The best way to describe how laser hair removal feels is to imagine the feeling of a rubber band snapped against your skin and it doesn’t hurt after. Not as bad as the intense pain caused by hot wax aggressively pulling on your skin and hairs all at once.    

5. It Is Not Permanent

Laser hair removal, in general, is often renowned for being a permanent solution. The truth is that it is only a semi-permanent solution. After the recommended six treatments, there will most likely be an 85%-95% reduction in hair, but not a complete hair destruction process. Your hair can still grow back, no matter how much money and time you spend on laser hair removal. Regrowth can accrue for several reasons: hormonal, medication, stress, depression, etc. There is no way for anyone to know when your body will go through any of those and how your follicles will react to the changes. You can always come back for a few more sessions after the regrowth.  With all of that said, some people do experience permanent hair loss but that all depends.    

6.  You Will Need 6-8 Treatments For Optimal Results

The most important thing to understand about this treatment, as stated above, is that laser hair removal is not permanent, and results do differ. The hair cycle goes through a resting and growth phase, so when it is in the resting period, the laser may not be able to eradicate the hair. The natural process of hair cycles makes it so that there will need to be a series of sessions for the initial hair removal treatment, 6-8  recommended within 4-10 weeks (depends on the area of your body). Waiting too long or not waiting long enough between sessions is not optimal and will not produce the best results, so make sure to have your treatments scheduled to get your money’s worth out of your laser hair removal treatment.     

7. Sessions Are Shorter Compared To Brazilian Wax

While brazilian wax is not only more painful than brazilian laser hair removal, it also takes longer per session, with many treatments a year compared to laser treatments 6 times initially. Waxing treatments, on average, take 30 minutes, while laser treatment sessions, on average, take 5-7 minutes. If there isn’t already enough reason to choose laser hair removal over waxing with cost-effectiveness and less pain, it also will save you time to get back to the things you need to do.    

8. Electrolysis Takes Longer Compared to Laser Hair Removal

While both electrolysis and laser hair removal are great long-term hair removal treatments, their procedure works very differently. An electrolysis machine involves inserting a probe into each hair follicle, which sends radio frequencies to damage your hair follicles. This small probe limits the speed at which the technician can treat one area since each hair has to be destroyed individually. A laser hair removal machine works by using high heat lasers. This laser beam then targets the hair follicle and damages it to the point that it hinders hair growth. This laser machine enables the technician to target many hairs at once, making laser hair removal a more efficient treatment.     

9. Brazilian and Bikini Are Two Different Treatments

Many people do not know the difference between brazilian and bikini hair removal treatments. The bikini line is typically the area that you will see while wearing underwear or bikinis, and a bikini treatment usually goes three inches further than this line to ensure a flawless look. For people who want to be completely bare down there, the brazilian treatment is a much better option because it eradicates all pubic hair. These treatment options both have flexibility as well, so if you choose a brazilian, you don’t have to remove all hair from the area altogether if that is not the look you desire.     

10. Your Technician Does This Every Day, So Don’t Feel Awkward!

We all know that having hair removed from your private areas is not a comfortable situation for most people. Many people choose the difficulties of at-home grooming over the much more effective and hassle-free option of laser hair removal because of the awkwardness of hair removal treatments. But here’s the deal: your technician does this every day and has seen it all, they are not there to judge you or make you uncomfortable. Embarrassment should not drive you away from getting a treatment that you want and will be beneficial to you long-term. Your technician will do everything he/she can to provide the most comfortable experience, even if it is a pretty awkward situation. The whole treatment doesn’t take long, so even if the experience is still uncomfortable to you, you’ll be able to move on with your day pretty quickly.    Your hair removal routine shouldn’t be something you worry about all the time. This is why laser hair removal treatments with our qualified team professionals will ensure you have the best quality treatment, so you don’t have to go through this hassle anymore. If you are interested in learning more about brazilian laser hair removal and if it’s right for you. Contact us today to book a free consultation and have all your questions answered by one of our Light Touch Laser Spa professionals.

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