Laser Hair Removal For Women

Are you spending your time and money on painful waxing month after month?  Come to us for a personal, boutique experience for your hair removal needs.

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Light Touch Laser Spa is an expert in treating with laser for hair removal and ingrown hair. Our treatments are custom made for each client, and it is based on the thickness of hair, color of hair and skin.

If you are unsure of the areas of treatment, come visit us for a free consultation and we will customize the perfect treatment for you.

At Light Touch Laser Spa, we embrace all gender identity. If you  are in the process of transition, at Light Touch we have the experience to work with you to achieve your most ambitious hair removal goals.

Commonly treated areas for women are:

Face: Lip, Chin, Cheeks, Forehead

Upper Body: Back, Chest, Stomach, Underarms and Shoulders

Lower Body: Buttocks, Full Legs, Bikini (Regular, Deep and Brazilian)